Broken Race Gun Fixed With Insurance——seriously!

    My friend Johnny in Sweden competes with this old Tangfolio Goldmatch. Just the other day it broke.

    So this happened during a lv 2 handgun last weekend. Broken barrel link…

    This platform is old and it looked like that I was gonna be forced to scrap it! But help came in the 11th hour. My insurance company is picking up the cost for a new barrel and slide, so I get updated parts before the weekend. I only have to pay the deductible fee 180 usd for new parts worth 1300 usd.

    I asked him what kind of insurance covers broken firearms. He said it was not a specific insurance plan for his firearm but rather his home owner’s insurance policy.

    He got a new slide, barrel and compensator. Looks great!




    I have a separate rider for my firearms but I’m not sure if it covers damage. I will have to look into that.

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