Creedmoor 9mm Ammo Now Available with Shell Shock NAS3 Cases

    Creedmoor 9mm

    Creedmoor Ammunition is now manufacturing a 9mm load using the new Shell Shock NAS³ cases. This handgun load uses a Hornady 124 grain XTP bullet loaded to +P pressures to produce a muzzle velocity of 1,175 fps and 380 foot pounds of energy.

    These rounds are being sold in packages of 50 rounds, and come in a reusable MTM translucent plastic case. The price for a single box is $29.50, but the company offers significant discounts on quantities of five or more boxes. For what is intended as a self defense load, the pricing seems reasonable. The MTM case is a nice extra.

    By way of comparison, Creedmoor Ammunition also makes the same load with a traditional brass case. Those loads are sold in 20 count boxes for $12.20 each (with discounts for larger quantities.) This works out to be $30.50/50 – or a full $1/box more than the load with the Shell Shock cases. Oh, there is no MTM container with the brass cased version of the ammo.

    On the surface, it would appear that Shell Shock is delivering on its claim of making less expensive cases.

    If you are not familiar with the Shell Shock NAS³ case, it is a two piece design that uses a nickel alloy body with a nickel plated aluminum head. The parts are joined together by a proprietary machining technology that creates a high pressure compression joint.

    According to Shell Shock, the resulting case is both lighter and stronger than conventional brass cases. The Shell Shock NAS³ cases are pressure tested to 65,000 psi – well above the SAAMI rating of 38,500 psi for the 9mm +P.

    The Shell Shock NAS³ cases are reloadable, but require the use of a special resizing and flaring die. These dies are available from Shell Shock. Additionally, they use standard threading and have been tested with a range of popular presses including those from Dillon, Lee and Hornady.

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