Review: Apex Tactical’s Sig P320 Flat Trigger

    While I was out at the range with Zack from XS Sights he let on that he had not only a P320 with him, but also had got his hands on a flat trigger from Apex Tactical. Zack was kind enough to loan me the trigger so I could evaluate it once I got my P320 in from Sig later that week, I couldn’t be more excited to find out if the benefits of installing the flat trigger are a reality.

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    Apex says that the new P320 trigger increases the trigger reach for a more natural resting position of the trigger finger and allows the shooter to position their finger lower on the trigger to take advantage of increased leverage. The latter part of that claim fixes one of the shortcomings I found with the P320’s trigger, after shooting an honest 650 rounds with the factory curved trigger I found myself with a bit of a raw finger due to the bottom of the trigger protruding a bit more than necessary. 

    Installing the flat trigger is pretty easy and only requires a pair of needle nose pliers (even though Apex says it is tool-less). The first step is to pop off the small coil spring on the lower left of the trigger pack, rotating it upwards and a bit of a push on it and it comes right off. IMG_2950 IMG_2953

    Step two is to swing the trigger bar down and pull the trigger forward a bit, once the trigger has been rotated forward enough you can slide the trigger and trigger bar up and out of the channel in the trigger pack. IMG_2958 IMG_2959

    Sliding the trigger and trigger bar back into the removable frame then reinstalling the trigger return spring completes the installation. The factory trigger was a bit on the short side with the medium grip for my tastes, but the new trigger is about perfect for my hands when using the medium frame. I found the flat trigger is much more comfortable to shoot thanks to the less pronounced protrusion at the bottom of the trigger.IMG_2984 IMG_2985

    Between my friend Scott from The Gun Show Podcast (A great gun related podcast) and myself we put another 400 rounds or so downrange. Scott wanted to see if the trigger changed what groups we were getting and lined up at 7 yards, as you can see from the group they stayed about the same. The trigger pull and feel stayed the exact same as before, we noticed no change and verified with a trigger pull gauge.IMG_2991 IMG_3015

    So what do I think about the Apex Tactical flat trigger for the P320? I really like it with the exception of the finish they used on the trigger, the smooth face didn’t quite offer enough grip with my sweaty hands thanks to the Texas heat. Both Scott and myself found that the new trigger really was comfortable when shooting fast but again, it was a bit slippery when our hands got the least bit sweaty.

    If the flat trigger is something that interests you I would recommend that you give it a try. With a MSRP of only $44.95 directly from Apex there isn’t much reason to not buy one to run through the ringer. You can read more about the trigger on Apex’ site by clicking HERE.