KSG vs. DP-12 – Epic Comparison Video

    I love bullpups and I love shotguns, so it should stand to reason that I would love bullpup shotguns. Right? Wrong. Having shot multiple KSG shotguns, I have nearly given up on the weapon type due to reliability, practicality, and other personal  gripes. As such, I am thrilled that Andrew at GY6 Vids took the time to compare two guns in the format.

    Andrew takes the KelTec KSG and the Standard Manufacturing DP-12 shotguns through their paces. Both guns have their plusses, with the KSG being more accurate (using a single barrel) and the DP-12 being faster to dump the entire contents of the magazine.

    On the flip side, both guns have their detracting quirks. The KSG is known to eject shells directly into the shooters wrist and can be a pain to change magazine tubes after one has been emptied. The DP-12 also has its issues, including barrels that are not matching patterns, is a significant pain to disassemble/clean, and a different manual of arms from those used to the common pump layout.

    My choice? The DP-12, if only because I have a painful history with the KSG. Ignoring that, the make-or-break for the weapon pattern is as home defense. For that, one should be able to empty an entire magazine without manipulation. The DP-12, despite different manual of arms, can empty both tubes without changing over versus the KSG which requires the shooter to recognize an empty chamber and swap over.

    Nathan S

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