Whatever Happened To Kalashnikov USA’s Guns?

    Photo courtesy of Nathaniel F.

    Remember a while back that we were supposed to be getting Kalashnikov guns that were built right here in the USA? I seem to vaguely recall  TFB covering Kalashnikov USA’s new product line at SHOT 2016 where they gave a tentative release date of Spring of 2016. Like you might have noticed spring has passed and doing a quick search on Gunbroker gave me no results for the AK pattern shotguns. With the changes that Kalashnikov USA has gone through since announcing their intentions to build the US made AKs we shouldn’t be surprised that production is running a little behind schedule.


    I reached out to a source over at Kalashnikov USA and asked about where the missing product line might be, after all unless I want to overpay for a Saiga there are few good options for a magazine fed 12 gauge right now. Our source indicated that they will be shipping the shotguns starting in August of this year with the rifles to follow shortly after around the end of September.


    Are you waiting for any of the upcoming Kalashnikov USA offerings? How many of you guys are chomping at the bit for the 9mm AK or the Alfa rifle that Nathaniel F. covered earlier this year?