Hunting With Suppressors – Bridging The Divide Between Traditional And Tactical Shooters


    We have a huge problem in this country that has us all on edge. An issue that separates citizens into two distinct groups, laden with emotions that are deep rooted in a history of distrust and anger. No, not THAT issue – I’m talking about Tactical Shooters versus Traditional Sportsman.

    That’s right, on one side there are those that refer to hunters and sport shooters as “Fudds” and on the other you have those that use the term “tacticool” to describe a seemingly militaristic-style of firearms owners. When it comes down to it, each side really doesn’t understand much about the other.*

    * There are exceptions to every rule: there are those “Fudds” that don’t believe the Second Amendment includes firearms like AR15s. There are also hunters that enjoy and understand tactical and defensive shooting.


    As with most hot-button issues, finding common ground is key. I happen to believe that using suppressors while hunting might be one way to bridge the gap between traditional and modern gun owners.*

    * By common ground I am only referring to mutual interests, not concessions on any sort of magazine/firearm restrictions,

    Recently, New Hampshire State Representatives James Spillane, John Burt, and Joe Duarte successfully sponsored House Bill 500 (HB500) that legalized hunting with suppressors, making it the latest state to adopt the growing trend. Backed by hard-working politicians, HB500 was supported by a broad range of firearms owners – non-hunters supported their brothers and sisters in arms, and traditionalists embraced newer technologies that they might not have considered otherwise. Win-Win.

    (I’m stating facts here, not discussing politics.)






    So, no matter what side of the fence you are on, try to find some middle ground. The next time you are at the range, show that “fudd” zeroing his old lever gun your new suppressor that you mounted on your Modern Sporting Rifle. On the other hand, if you are a hunter, grab one of your “tacticool” friends and take them waterfowl hunting. In the end, the only way we are going to survive as gun owners is by doing it together.

    And don’t forget to support your local politicians, the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) and the American Suppressor Association (ASA).


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