Defense Distributed Updated Ghost Gunner 2

    New and Improved!

    Defense Distributed, known for a variety of of political statements and some great firearms designs for home-manufacturing, has announced the shipment of the “Ghost Gunner 2” a desktop CNC mill to complete common 80% lower receivers. The Ghost Gunner 2 is the newest version of the Ghost Gunner, designed to “democratize” firearms manufacturing.

    The Ghost Gunner 2 is an impressive little table-top machine in its own right. Per Defense Distributed:

    Ghost Gunner is built from rigid plasma-cut A36 steel and 304 stainless steel. The machine part count is greatly reduced compared to traditional CNC machines, which both increases rigidity and decreases cost.

    GG2 employs a horizontal milling format, a 10,000 rpm ER-11 collet spindle and has a machinable area of 8.25″ x 2.95″ x 2.35″, optimized for machining AR-15 and AR-10 receivers.”

    Those looking for their own home CNC milling may find the machine a great fit. It accepts TinyG code (a common format) from any CAM software suite.


    The Ghost Gunner 2 will likely fall into the $1500 range with a $250 deposit. Due to its size and complexity, its expensive to ship commanding a $100 flat-rate fee. The Ghost Gunner 2 includes the receiver mounting jig, software, and operating instructions.

    Legal gun owners should note that in the United States, the ATF requires that individuals manufacture their own firearms from their own tooling and machinery. The Ghost Gunner 2 is a legal option and compliant with ATF regulations.


    Nathan S

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