Browning’s Pro Hunter RGB Flashlight

    Browning Flashlight

    If you’ve ever taken that shot at twilight, you might agree that tracking a wounded animal in the woods as the sun disappears over the horizon can be a tough task. Even after a well placed shot with good quality ammo, a hog or deer may run a hundred yards before dropping. Finding it in the dark can be a chore indeed.

    It’s not surprise then that Browning offers a line of flashlights to go with its rifles and other hunting products. It is also no surprise that the company offers torches that are geared toward a hunter’s needs instead of the tactical market. Take, for example, the Pro Hunter RGB.

    Introduced toward the end of 2015, the current model Pro Hunter RGB light combines a 40 lumen white light with a red light and a green light. This offers a great deal of flexibility for maintaining night vision, following a blood trail and general navigation use.

    The body is made of polymer and it runs on three AAA type batteries. Run time on the white light is listed at 30 hours, while the red and green lights give closer to 40 hours of running. The lights are submersible to one meter for 30 minutes, so you should have no problems with these if you get caught in a rain shower or have it fall into a creek.

    Browning lists the flashlight at $24.99.

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