Winchester Releases Two New “Super Clean” Lead Free Loadings

    One of the biggest challenges for ranges is dealing with lead. While individual shots and rounds are tiny, the sheer amount of shots over time creates a unique challenge for air and ground. To avoid this, many ranges are moving towards lead-free loadings where possible, but progress has been slow due to few low-cost lead-free loadings.

    Winchester Ammunition is out to help with the issue. Stating “The number of target shooters in the United States doubled between 2009 and 2014,” they have announced two new loadings of their Super Clean line, which is both airborne and downrange lead free. As a lead substitute, the loads are zinc core full metal jacketed.

    The new Super Clean loads are directed at two common calibers for both range and target shooter training.

    • 9mm Luger, 90-grain ZFMJ load with a muzzle velocity of 1,325 fps
    • .40 S&W, 120-grain ZFMJ load with a muzzle velocity of 1,250 fps

    Velocity for the caliber is relatively high due to the lead substitute. Few materials are as dense as lead, which is typically why lead-free loads are light and fast. However, higher veolcity means flatter trajectory, good for target shooters.

    Winchester states the new loads “are offered at affordable price points, which will allow for even more high-volume training.” For those looking to reload lead-free at home, no word on if the bullets themselves will be available as individual components.

    Nathan S

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