RS Regulate VZ-58 Zhokov Stock Adapter Coming Soon

    Many American shooters are not familiar with the VZ-58 platform, a striker-fired Czech service rifle that has only been recently replaced by the Bren. It is often confused with the AK based on its exterior looks, but its a much different weapon, being strike-fired, short-stroke piston operated, and with last-round bolt open among other changes and improvements.

    However, our friends to the North are intimately familiar with that platform. In Canada, where Kalashnikov weapons and variants are banned outright, the VZ-58 is a close second. With its popularity (and recent un-banning after an administrative decision went awnry), the aftermarket for the platform continues to step up.


    The latest is RS Regulate, who currently offers a quick-detach optics mount. Noting the mount’s popularity and increasing demand from expanding VZ ownership, they have been working on a direct mount for the MagPul Zhukov folding stock. The adapter is still in prototype form, but has been displayed at a few events including the recent Big 3 and now popping up on social media.

    The new adapter installs without modification to the factory rifle. It is set up to allow full operation while folded and does not interfere with the charging handle, safety, and trigger.

    Pricing and availability are not yet announced, but its an exciting development for the platform.

    Nathan S

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