New Superhero Rifles from Axelson Tactical

    Since they launched their gun line last year Axelson Tactical has worked hard expanding it. And while there’s word that expansion does indeed include a brand new model – very soon – current additions are of the color and logo variety. Specifically, they’re offering more options for Cerakote finishes – in a superhero sort of way.

    The new rifles are a part of the new American Hero, Super Hero series and all come chambered in 5.56x45mm. The line currently includes the SuperHero AxeMan, SuperHero Captain Axe, and SuperHero Super Axe. You can probably guess which superhero the gun is associated with by the name, but as the saying goes, what’s in a name? In this case, what’s in a name – or behind it – is a list of quality components.

    Axelson Tactical SuperHero AxeMan rifle

    Axelson Tactical SuperHero AxeMan rifle

    As with all of Axelson Tactical’s guns so far the American Hero, Super Hero series rifles are built one at a time. Although they do not market their rifles as custom built, they really could if they wanted to. Specs for the new series are as follows:

    Upper and Lower Receivers: Forged 7075-T6 Hard Coat Anodized Aluminium

    Rail System: 12” Guntec Slim Profile Lightweight M-Lok

    Gas System: Direct Impingement, Mid-Length

    Barrel: Axelson Tactical 16” QPQ Nitride, 1:8 Twist

    Bolt Carrier Group: Axelson Tactical NiB, Matte Finish

    Charge Handle:  Bravo Company Gunfighter MOD 4

    Muzzle Device: Axelson Tactical Talon Brake, ½-28

    Gas Block: Bravo Company .750 LoPro Non-Adjustable

    Stock: B5 Systems -Bravo

    Grip: Bravo Company Gunfighter MOD 1

    Trigger: ALG Combat Trigger

    Axelson Tactical SuperHero Captain Axe rifle

    Axelson Tactical SuperHero Captain Axe rifle

    Cerakote is being applied to the rifles by Nevada Cerakote which is owned by Russ Bacon. Bacon is responsible for handling the finishes on Axelson’s entire line and has a well-deserved reputation for attention to detail. The superhero rifles are being finished with various colors as their hero requires but with a twist: the logo in the middle is the Axelson Tactical logo.

    As many of you know, Axelson Tactical was founded by Jeff Axelson whose brother was SEAL Matt Axelson, who was killed during Operation Red Wings in June of 2005. Jeff founded the company in his brother’s memory, starting with the original tribute rifle several years ago. The logo was derived from a combination of an axe and eagle. The eagle is especially symbolic not only because of national pride but due to its presence on the Navy SEAL trident.

    The superhero rifles can be viewed online at

    Visit for a look at the company’s entire product list.

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