Target to Try: Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-Spin

    If there’s one thing I enjoy changing up when I head to the range it’s my targets. And if there’s a company out there with a wide variety of targets available, it’s Birchwood Casey. If you have access to a shooting spot that allows steel targets, Birchwood Casey has quite a few options in that category. There’s one in particular that’s fun for use with everything from airguns to centerfire, though, and that’s their Shoot-N-Spin.

    Steel targets have the obvious pro of providing immediate feedback to shooters. We all know there’s nothing quite like hearing the ping of a successful shot. But aside from feedback these particular targets have the additional benefit of movement. Taking rapid-fire shots at the Shoot-N-Spin is a good way to improve accuracy on a moving target, and a small one at that. Hanging multiple targets in a chain allows for even greater variety in your drills. And if you’d rather not fire on a moving target all you have to do is pause between shots to give it a chance to stop spinning.

    The Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-Spin comes in three versions, all of which are fairly small. First up is the airgun target which measures 5.75″ in diameter while the rimfire and centerfire targets are each 5.5″. The centerfire target is manufactured from 3/8″ AR500 steel. They’re somewhat distinguishable by their colors; the airgun version has a red background while the other two are yellow. Target spots can be either orange or green. Target spot colors are bright on all versions, which allows for faster target acquisition. A heavy duty swivel snap is included for the purpose of hanging the target, and thanks to the holes found at both top and bottom they can also be connected to one another.

    Shoot-N-Spin airgun target

    Shoot-N-Spin airgun target

    These targets seem like a good way to vary your target practice. Although there is definite value to repetition, there’s also room for variation. When it comes right down to it, though, just get out there and shoot, whether it’s on paper, steel, or a watermelon.

    If you plan to use steel targets during target practice, consider using frangible ammunition. With the use of quality frangible rounds, splashback is drastically reduced. Not only does the use of frangible rounds increase safety, it broadens your training options. DRT, Snake River Shooting Products, and PolyCase are a few of the companies manufacturing different types of frangible ammunition.

    The Shoot-N-Spin has an MSRP of $14.80 for the airgun version, $28.10 for the rimfire version, and $38.00 for the centerfire version. Take a look online here.

    You can also visit Birchwood Casey’s website at

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