Vero Vellini Slings In Realtree Xtra

    Vero Vellini Realtree Xtra

    Earlier this year, Vero Vellini announced that it would now offer the Realtree Xtra camo pattern as an option in two of its premium line rifle slings. According to the company, this camo pattern is ideal for leaf change in the fall through early winter and in the early spring.

    Similar to the company’s other premium slings, these have air cushioning made with neoprene for comfort while carrying a rifle on your shoulder. One model is a standard width rig, while the second is a wide top version that spreads the gun’s weight over a wider area.

    Both models of sling have quick attach swivels. Additionally each is made from material that is weather resistant, thorn and bramble resistant and are designed to last a long time. The standard width model carries a suggested retail price of $54.99. For the wide top model, Vero Vellini sets a suggested price of $64.99. The company states both models should be available at your preferred gun and hunting outfitters.

    If the camo pattern doesn’t strike your fancy, the company also offers other models in its premium line. For the standard width models, Vero Vellini sells a forest green model, a black model and a brown model. For the wide models, the company offers both green and black versions. These non-camo slings retail for $37.99 to $42.99.

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