LANTAC FINALLY Selling AR-15 Rifles in the USA. LA-R15 14.5″ Raven FEATURES INNOVATIVE Lantac ABS Adjustable Buffer System

    Over the years we have blogged photos of LANTAC rifles seen in overseas competitions, but I have never knowingly seen one in real life.  LANTAC is a popular AR-15 manufacturer in Europe, manufacturing high-end AR-15 rifles used in competition. Here in the USA, they are best known for supplying high-end AR components including muzzle brakes and handguards.

    LANTAC USA recently announced they would be manufacturing their AR-15 rifles in the USA and this morning they went on sale at Cabelas for $2,999. The rifles are built from premium components, including LanTac’s brand new patented ABS (Adjustable Buffer System). The ABS system allows the buffer strength to be easily adjusted to suit ammunition, conditions or suppressor use. It is a superior alternative to adjustable gas block, which require fine tuning of small screws that have been known to work themselves loose and out of adjustment (I have not seen it myself, but hearing reports of this happening has put me off the concept).

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    The rifle also features LanTac’s high-end UCT EXO NiB coated Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG) and a LanTac barrel chambered in .223 Wylde (a hybrid chamber specification suitable for 5.56mm and .223 Remington).


    The full press release …

    FORT WORTH, Texas (July 7, 2016) – LANTAC™ USA LLC, Fort Worth TX., will make the first ever shipment of 50 of the company’s new LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven™ rifles available exclusively at Cabela’s for a limited time beginning Thursday, July 7th. These highly anticipated sought after, state-of-the-art rifles will be offered through Cabela’s before they hit the market anywhere else in the world.

    LanTac’s LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven is the first ever AR modern sporting rifle with the company’s patent-pending Adjustable Buffer System and proprietary buffer spring. Each rifle is comprised of premium parts and accessories, including hand-lapped, stainless steel barrels; billet 7075-T6 certified lower and upper receivers with Type III, Class II black anodizing; and LanTac’s UCT EXO NiB coated Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG™) with forward porting, flared tail carrier and Carpenter 158 bolts.

    Additional features like the state-of-the-art, world-leading, pinned and welded LanTac DGN556B™ Dragon™ Muzzle Brake; a MPI tested bolt; and LanTac Curved Bow, CMC Triggers 3.5-lb, E-CT1™ single-stage drop-in trigger system, allow the LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven to offer zero muzzle rise and a massive reduction in felt recoil, in a fast, flat-shooting and accurate rifle.

    The LanTac LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven rifle is manufactured to the highest quality standards and assembled by a skilled team of rifle builders. Each rifle is shot tested at LanTac’s facility, treated with FrogLube™ and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. Visit for more information.

    Steve Johnson

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