Ruger’s Commander SR1911 Joins the 9mm Bandwagon


    Ruger Commander SR1911 in 9mm

    Ruger has carved out a reputation for themselves within the 1911 market as being affordable, yet having good quality. Finally, with the introduction of a 9mm in their SR1911 pistol they should gain even more followers.

    Like many new 1911 designs Ruger did not re-invent the wheel with this model, but multiple small changes should leave customers happy. Ruger had this to say about their newest SR1911:

    The Ruger® SR1911® Lightweight Commander-Style Pistol is now chambered in 9mm Luger. Like the SR1911® Lightweight Commander-Style  pistol in .45 Auto, this 9mm version features a commander-length slide and an aluminum frame that weigh almost a half-pound less than the all-stainless steel Commander-Style configuration. This model also comes with a new look, including black rubberized grip panels and a gray anodized frame.


    Aside from the gray anodized frame and black rubberized grips, the most noticeable change on this SR1911 is the rear slide serrations. They have an arrow or “Chevron” pattern design which should provide a more positive grip.

    One negative to this design though is the fact that it resembles the Chevron pattern. Remington got tangled in a lawsuit with Daniel Defense over a Chevron trademark dispute back in 2014. Daniel Defense likely was not too keen on a competing AR-15 manufacturer loosely using their trademark. They may not share the same negative sentiment towards Ruger on a 1911 pistol design.

    This firearm was just released July 1st, 2016 so it is difficult to gauge the accuracy, but based on the specs from Ruger’s website it should be a shooter. The barrel and bushing are CNC machined from the same piece of bar stock. The skeletonized trigger allows for over-travel adjustment and the Novak sights will provide a familiar sight picture for most shooters.

    To get the complete rundown on the Ruger Commander SR1911 in 9mm, visit Ruger’s website HERE.

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