Winchester Expands Super X Line with New 28 Gauge Loads

    Winchester Super X

    Winchester Ammunition’s Super X line is one of the most recognized brands in the ammo world, and the company continues to develop and expand the offerings sold in the line. This year the company added two new 28 gauge loads to the line.

    Both of the new loads are specifically designed for upland hunting. The shot shells are 2.75″ long and loaded with 3/4 of an ounce of lead shot. One load uses number 5 shot while the other uses number 6. Both loads are rated to leave the barrel at 1,295 feet per second.

    In addition to the 28 gauge being softer on the shoulder than many other gauges, Winchester classifies these two loads as being “reduced recoil” options. So, these rounds might be a good starting point for a novice hunter who needs to learn technique and not throw the heaviest, hardest hitting load possible.

    Of course, Winchester released other new ammunition offerings this year. One of the other Super X introductions was the 17 Winchester Super Magnum Power Core. This hot rimfire round pushes a 20 grain solid copper hollow point to 2,875 fps. Granted, that is a light bullet. Even with a very light projectile, the blistering velocity from a rimfire is impressive. At the muzzle, that works out to be more than 380 foot pounds of energy.

    Richard Johnson

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