POTD: Belt Fed Chainsaw Flare Launching Wonder Gun

    Thanks to my fellow writer Adam Scepaniak for sharing this. Adam runs a gun store during the day and helped his employees to order the parts.

    Here is a break down of the parts.

    *S&W M&P-15 Sport II rifle
    *Freedom Ordnance FM-9 Belt Fed Upper
    *Spike’s Tactical 37mm Flare Launcher
    *Mossberg Chainsaw Carry Handle
    *TruGlo Gobble Dot Red Dot
    *Weaver Single Rail Riser (used with Flare Launcher to give it appropriate clearance on the bottom)

    According to the employee, he is not done just yet.

    I think that this setup would work better on an ARES SCR rifle than the traditinal AR-15 style of the M&P sport. The shotgun style grip of the ARES SCR would be more ergonomic when wielding this as a chainsaw.  Also the folding machine gun carry handle seems superflous when you have the chainsaw carry handle, but it is part of the FM9 upper assembly. I would have skipped the TruGlo red dot and gone with a decent laser that way you can aim while wielding it chainsaw style. Also I would but a binary trigger in this to make it go even faster.

    I am curious what the creator of the creator of this rifle has in store if he is not done with it yet.


    Here are two more photos of it.

    IMG_20160628_163243829 IMG_20160628_163324782

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