One Big Blind: New Hunting Blind from Ameristep

    There’s a new hunting blind coming to the woods near you, and it’s hard to miss. That’s because it measures 6 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and stands 7 feet tall (yes, really). The company behind this behemoth is Ameristep, and they readily admit it’s “a monster in the woods.” The inspiration for the blind is apparently the upswing in entire families getting into hunting, and with this hunting blind everyone will definitely fit inside.

    It’s called the Ameristep Sanctuary Blind and a lot of planning went into its creation. Because it’s so large, designers needed to address the issue of possible collapse, not to mention the need to make it less noticeable despite its size. Cable hubs were used to support the walls which are made of Ameristep’s own Durashell Plus Fabric, and stakes are included to pin the blind to the ground. Fabric is printed with Realtree Xtra camoflauge while black Shadow Guard is used inside to conceal the silhouettes of hunters.

    One of the most important parts of using a ground blind is figuring out how to break up its silhouette.¬†After all, the visible outline of an unfamiliar object on the horizon is likely to scare off game. The company utilized their patented ReLeaf to hide the blind’s outline and added sewn-in brush loops around the Sanctuary’s perimeter and windows to make brushing out easier.

    Good windows are a must on a ground blind and the ones used on the Sanctuary are certainly big enough to allow for variety. Ameristep describes them as “the largest and tallest windows possible.” They’re made of shoot-through mesh and can be opened as needed for seated or standing shots.

    For portability a backpack carrying case is included. The pack can hold the blind as well as its stakes and tie-downs.

    I’ve spent my share of time crammed into small portable ground blinds with multiple people. There are pros to those smaller ones, though, including lighter weight – while the Sanctuary weighs 18 pounds – and ease of concealment. I won’t deny it might be nice to have a bit more room while hunting in ground blinds. Trying not to make a sound when someone drops their folding seat on your foot – complete with them sitting on it – can be a challenge. And maneuvering guns and gear in close quarters can be interesting. But during the times when I use a portable¬†ground blind for one reason or another I’ve come to expect some discomfort. After all, I don’t hunt for comfort. I hunt to be outdoors, to relax, and to get a shot at a big boar or strutting Tom (among other game). Am I curious about this big blind? Yes, I am. I’m curious whether or not it can be successfully concealed, and I wonder if all that space is really worthwhile – especially the height.

    What do you think?

    Take a look online at

    MSRP $249.99.

    Ameristep Sanctuary Blind Features (From Ameristep)

    • The largest five-hub blind on the market
    • Offset hub design allows windows to be configured for sitting or standing bow shots
    • Shoot-through mesh windows
    • Sewn-in brush loops and patented Edge ReLeaf help break up hard edges of blind for optimal concealment
    • Includes carrying case, stakes, and tie-down rope
    • Realtree Xtra Camouflage Pattern
    • Footprint: 72″ X 72″
    • Height: 84″
    • Shooting width: 90″
    • Weight: 18 lbs.
    • MSRP: $249.99
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