Suppressed/Tripod-Mounted Awesomeness: BRP Corp’s Transferable Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) U9/45

    Does anyone have $10K I can “borrow”? Because I think I just found my first transferable machine gun. BRP Corp’s U9 fully automatic rifles are based on pre-1986 registered Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) receivers. With a tripod, suppressor and a drum magazine it looks like more fun than, well, you know…

    From BRP’s U9 product page:

    In 2003, the original inventor, John Stemple collaborated with BRP CORP to assemble the first Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) setups onto the Stemple 76/45 receivers he manufactured prior to the 1986 cutoff. These are complete new parts packages installed on unmodified/transferable Stemple 76/45 machine gun receivers. They are sold as complete machine guns and are fully transferable to individuals. These are the most finely built and smooth running sub-machine guns on the transferable market. We build them for performance and durability, stock plenty of spare parts, and provide excellent service. There is only a limited number of these pre-1986 registered/transferable machine guns, so get one while they last.

    Check out how controllable these guns are at 750 rounds per minute:


    BRP also sells the U9/U45 as a complete package:

    This package is a subgunner’s dream. All in one box you’ve got a complete package to shoot 45ACP with Grease Gun mags or 9mm with Suomi drums and one suppressor to work with both calibers. Switching calibers simply requires changing the bolt, barrel, and magazine housing. It features a simple, smooth-running blow-back system. With the addition of a hydraulic buffer, these are the most smooth, controllable, and versatile subguns on the transferable market. It’s so smooth due to the weight, layout, and action; you can actually watch your target being hit through a 4x scope while shooting long bursts. This setup utilizes AR pattern stocks, AR pattern grips, and multiple picatinny mount options for maximum versatility.

    I can accept my U9 donations by cash, check or gold ingot.

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