WHAT!?!?!? Kimber’s Former Double-Stack Polymer Framed BP Ten II

    Not typically known for polymer handguns, there was a time that Kimber produced a polymer framed 1911. While not produced anymore, the handgun was and still is an interesting offering from the company, as Kimber didnt just go polymer, they also implemented a double-stack magazine.

    Unfortunately, the handgun was primary produced during the Clinton presidency, which limited the potentially higher-capacity handgun to 10 rounds, a scant 2 rounds above single-stack flush magazines. As such, it had limited appeal and was not commercially successful. Today, full-capacity magazines are readily available and inexpensive. 14 round magazines are manufactured by Mec-Gar for around $30 each.

    The polymer frame featured aluminum rails with the polymer over-molded. The front and back-strap are both checkered with the grips panels featuring a light checkering. The BP Ten II featured a 5″ barrel and full-length slide with both front and rear serrations. The handgun is rounded out by a full-length guide rod external extractor, unusual grip safety, and a commander hammer.

    While no longer produced, the handguns are semi-easily available through the common auction sites. Current listings for the handgun are below $1000.

    With Para now out of the double-stack game (though their website is still live), it will be interesting to watch Kimber. Tooling for the frame is still likely in existence, so it may make sense for them to take it live as their own “2011” for the competition crowd now that full and high-capacity magazines are legal and the norm.

    *Title photo from ongoing GunBroker auction. 

    Nathan S

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