Thumb Actuated Tube Selector for Kel-Tec KSG Bullpup Shotgun

    In what many a fan of the platform will exclaim “Finally!”, the aftermarket has stepped up with firing-hand compatible tube selector for the Kel-Tec KSG bullpup shotgun. The product of a Plymoth, Massachusetts company called “Solutions De Innovation LLC” the “Feed Tube Selector Switch” (FTSS) was designed to solve a weapons manipulation problem that has beset the KSG since its introduction.

    The problem is the dual tube architecture of the KSG do not automatically switch over to the other tube upon expenditure of its ammunition. Touted as a “feature” allowing the shooter to switch between two types of ammunition, practically it is pain in the arse. Few users would load different tubes with different ammunition, especially with the loads being so different (say non-lethal and buck-shot or slugs and bird-shot). As such, KSG users had to train themselves to count rounds or swap tubes upon an empty chamber.


    The FTSS replaces the standard tube selector by extending below the ejection port and through an elbow, putting a lever near the firing hand. The knob at the end is shooting-hand accessible, so one can “seamlessly” swap to the second tube.

    Retail for the piece is set at $96.50. It is steel constructed, with a final blued finish. It has a lifetime warranty, including shipping and handling reimbursement. Those interested can pick one up at the store. 

    The FTSS is patent pending.

    Nathan S

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