GSG FireFly Launched

    GSG Pistol

    American Tactical officially announced the German Sports Guns (GSG) FireFly pistol introduction into the United States market.

    If the gun looks familiar to you, it is for good reason. As reported previously, the FireFly is a rebranded version of the discontinued SIG SAUER Mosquito pistol. The Mosquito was manufactured for SIG by GSG. According to GSG, SIG ceased purchasing additional Mosquito pistols in 2015. Subsequently, GSG elected to continue to produce the gun under a new name: FireFly.

    Other than the markings on the gun, the FireFly is functionally identical to the original Mosquito. The barrel is made of an unspecified steel and will be available in both threaded and non-threaded versions. Only the 4″ non-threaded model is currently shown on the company’s website.

    As with many inexpensive .22 LR handguns, the frame is a lightweight alloy. In the case of the FireFly, the frame is made of a zinc alloy. The same material is used for the slide.

    The pistol shown on the company’s website is finished in black. However, American Tactical stated the FireFly will also be sold with tan and green finishes.


    • caliber: .22 LR
    • magazine capacity:  10 rounds
    • barrel length: 4″
    • weight (unloaded): 24.6 oz
    • MSRP: $269.95

    While the overall styling of the FireFly is that of a SIG SAUER P-series handgun, this rimfire pistol has a slide mounted manual safety. The gun has a DA/SA trigger.

    All I wish is that GSG had referred to SIG discontinuing the Mosquito as a “sudden but inevitable betrayal.”

    Richard Johnson

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