TFB Exclusive: New Information On The Aimpoint Nano And B&T USW

Patrick R
by Patrick R

It seems that everyone is clamoring for more information about the new B&T Universal Service Weapon project where they collaborated with the Swedish firm Aimpoint. Early this morning TFB came across some new information about the two projects and verified it with sources within both companies.

Aimpoint Nano –

The new Aimpoint Nano that we posted about yesterday has been confirmed to be a B&T only model that is not planned for separate sale currently. Our contact did hint at the possibility to develop the internals into a commercially available MRDS at some point, but that is a long way off. Aimpoint did confirm that the Nano is very close in size to the currently available MRDS on the market but with a much better run time. They also stated that the Nano has a 3.5 MOA dot that is adjustable for brightness, but as the Nano is only a working prototype that is being evaluated to ensure that 3.5 MOA is the optimal size.

Questions have been asked about how the Nano mounts to the USW, whether it screws in from the top or the bottom. Aimpoint was not able to go into detail about the mounting system but did state that the Nano mounting screws enter from the top of the sight. They also spoke briefly about the battery that is being used, they were able to confirm that the Nano is using a CR 1225 button cell

B&T Universal Service Weapon –

The B&T USW was the project that the Nano was developed for to fill a hole in the European police market. B&T did state that that the USW is a working prototype at this time and the production version will be a bit different in regards to the frame. We know that the USW uses a Sphinx 3000 design and was built using parts purchased from the now defunct Sphinx AG (not the US firm). The final design will focus more on ergonomics and an adjustable grip size. We did get the indication that in addition to the 2 variants we currently know about there will be a third version later, we do not have any details on the third variant yet.

B&T did indicate that there are plans to offer the USW in the US commercially at some point as a pistol. Once the buyer has a tax stamp the stock will be available separately.

Patrick R
Patrick R

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  • Mmmtacos Mmmtacos on Jul 01, 2016

    Not doubting them but...

    "The B&T USW was the project that the Nano was developed for to fill a hole in the European police market."

    What hole is that exactly? I don't recall machine pistols ever being very popular, but rather a strange niche. From what I understand the Beretta 93R was a fairly good machine pistol in and of itself, but didn't have much place outside of Hollywood.

    Am I misunderstanding something altogether? Is this even a machine pistol? Or just a semi-auto pistol redesigned with a stock in mind? Even still, the original qualm still stands.

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    • Iksnilol Iksnilol on Jul 02, 2016 It isn't unusual with an MP5 or shotgun in the car.

      But this allows your run of the mill constable that isn't on high alert to carry a stocked weapon without much hassle. USW on hip is less of an hassle than a M4 or MP5 slung is.

  • Cuvie Cuvie on Jul 01, 2016

    Isn't this a Sphinx with some extra bits added to it? The frame, controls, and the grips are exactly the same.

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