The First Remington R51 Gen 2s Are HERE

    One week ago, we reported that Remington had distributed letters to owners of the troubled first generation R51 pistols that their replacements from the new second-generation were ready to be shipped. Since then, YouTuber and R51 buyer RyeOnHam has received his second generation R51 replacement pistol, and released a first look video on the weapon, embedded below:

    The 9mm Remington R51 is a re-imagining of the original Remington Model 51, a .380/.32 ACP single stack pocket carry gun designed by John D. Pedersen at the end of World War I. The modern incarnation was introduced just prior to the 2014 SHOT Show where it received a lot of attention for its uniqueness and full-power caliber, but once the guns shipped, serious problems including out of battery firings began to appear. Remington recalled the pistols and pledged to replace the guns. After the recall, the company’s engineers identified tolerance stacking issues with the pistols in the initial release. Remington removed the R51 from its website, ended production at the Charlotte, NC plant, and moved the tooling to Huntsville, AL, where the improved second generation pistols are supposedly being made. Interestingly, the second generation pistol received by RyeOnHam is marked “CHARLOTTE, NC”, not “HUNTSVILLE, AL” like one would expect. Whether this means that some gen 2 pistols have been made in NC, or something else is not yet clear.

    Thanks to Daniel for the tip!

    Nathaniel F

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