Failed Glock Modifications By “Experts”


    One of our readers reached out to me via email to set the story straight behind this slide cut fiasco. The slide was made by Zev Tech however they are not the one responsible for the screw up you see below. A local “gunsmith” is the one responsible for screwing this up terribly.

     Zev had nothing to do with that slide.  That slide was brought into our store a few days ago to see about getting fixed.  A local “gunsmith” is the one who did it, definitely not ZEV.

    More information from another reader

     that first slide with the JB Weld was NOT done by ZEV. The slide was a ZEV product, but the work was done by a local firearms shop with a long history of fucking things up. They’ve recently been raided by the ATF. Seems they’re as good with paper work as they are with the guns they work on, and continue to work on even after the ATF raid. Their name is Metal EFX, feel free to give them a google.

    The responders above requested to have their name and company omitted from the article.


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    In response to this post, another member posted up a customer’s Salient Arms International Glock slide. His customer tried to push the rear sight out with a sight pusher and the slide rail cracked as you can see below. They machined too much material away on this particular Glock slide that made it prone to breaking.  Salient slide rail broke


    Be wary of so called experts and gun smiths. There is a reason you go to reputable and established gunsmiths who have lots of experience doing such modification.


    Update 2: David S. sent this in to me.  He customized a Lowe Wolf frame for the customer’s Agency Arms slide.The slide has about 5000 rounds through it. Then it cracked and gouged the frame.

    13576596_10210125612003081_957174773_n Agency 1


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