Easy Shots at 872 Yards?! ABM AMMO & BERGER BULLETS gives it a shot!

    ABM Ammo

    Applied Ballistic Munitions (ABM Ammo) is producing a new rifle load that is lights out based on initial testing! They use a Berger .30 Caliber 215 Grain Hybrid bullet in their “Mission Ready” ammunition series for the .300 Win Mag. As you will see in the YouTube review from “Long Range Only” the ammo is consistent on many levels.

    They first tested the overall weight of various rounds to check for consistency. This test was performed, as opposed to pulling bullets and measuring individual components, to keep the rounds intact for firing later. The weight of six rounds at random were (in Grains):

    1. 513.00
    2. 512.90
    3. 512.90
    4. 512.00
    5. 512.80
    6. 512.60

    With most of the ABM Ammo being within two-tenths of a grain of each other, except for one outlier or anomaly, the Mission Ready ammunition definitely passes that test. The next test performed was checking the seating length of six rounds at random with the following results:

    1. 2.8390″
    2. 2.8385″
    3. 2.8385″
    4. 2.8390″
    5. 2.8385″
    6. 2.8385″

    Those are extremely consistent seating length results before hitting the range. Once they took the ABM Ammo to the range the groups achieved were equally impressive. Doing 3-shot groups at 100 yards, the following results were produced:

    • 0.380″
    • 0.466″
    • 0.560″

    Most reloaders could not create ammunition that shoots better than 1/2 MOA groups at 100 yards, but like Long Range Only touched on, you truly need to shoot this load much further than 100 yards. For the final test, Long Range Only put out a target at 872 yards and made consistent hits! That’s the type of ammo I would want in my rifles!

    To see the complete review of the soon-to-be released Mission Ready .300 Win MAG 215 Grain Berger Hybrid ammo, check out the video below.

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