Redding Adds New Dies: 26 Nosler, 280 Ackley Improved

    Redding Dies

    Earlier this year, Redding Reloading Equipment added a pair of new Premium Die Sets to its catalog: one for the 26 Nosler and a second for the 280 Ackley Improved.

    Both calibers can be had in either two or three die sets. The two die sets offer a full length sizing die with a carbide size button and a bullet seating die. The bullet seating die has a built in micrometer for precise bullet seating depth. The three die sets contain a standard neck sizing die plus both of the dies included in the two die sets.

    According to Redding, the carbide size button free floats on the decapping rod which allows it to self center and allow sizing without lubrication. I’ve not used the Redding dies with the carbide size button. If the Redding dies can be used with less lube on the cases, this would be a nice upgrade.

    Redding’s bullet seating micrometers – standard on these dies – can be retrofitted to many of the company’s existing seating dies. They replace the existing seat plugs and allow you to set very precise seating depths to 0.001″. Depending on who you talk to, bullet seating depth varies from important to extremely important for maximizing accuracy. If tight groups are extremely important to you, these may help you wring the best possible accuracy from your loads.

    The suggested retail price for the two die set is $147.60. The three die set is a little more at $190.70.

    Richard Johnson

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