Russian Man Buys Wood Crates for Firewood and Finds 79 AKs Inside

    Have you ever walked down the street and found some cash laying on the ground? One time I found a $20 bill on the sidewalk when I was walking home from school, that was pretty cool. Not as cool as one lucky guy in Russia who found a horde of AKs (or that guy who found machine guns in a river). According to the Facebook page Russian Look a guy in Russia got quite the deal when he bought 60 old wood crates for around 500 rubles (around $8 USD) to use as firewood, when he opened them up he found 79 Kalashnikovs inside.


    The story seemed too good to be true so I did a bit of Googling, turns out the story is true but was from back in 2012. The lucky man also stumbled upon 253 rounds of ammo and spare parts in the crates as well which were produced at the Izhevsk arms plant. Apparently he bought them off of a truck driver who was supposed to take them to a nearby landfill but decided to make some extra rubles on the side and sell them not knowing some of the crates still had guns and ammo in them. The Russian man who found the arsenal turned them over to the local police instead of losing them in an unfortunate boating accident like I’m sure most of us would have done.

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