Nerdgasm – All Blasters from Star Wars Legends

    I love science fiction. Its ability to create universes not constrained by our practical reality is alluring. However, authors have a tendency not to take too many liberties from current reality in terms of weaponry, of which Star Wars is no different. While moving from mainly kinetic projectiles to light or laser powered weaponry, the fundamentals of what makes up a weapon remain largely the same.

    They parallel current technology, albeit with some fun dress-up from props department. Weapons tend to have grips, stocks, sights, and typically are powered by disposable “power packs” (magazines). Types include pistols, rifles, and support weaponry.

    Star Wars Minute has dedicated two minutes to covering the various types of blasters from the Legends expansion of the Star Wars Universe. While this “expanded universe” has been swept under the rug, its fun to see the various types of weaponry that authors were able to conjure up in their minds.

    My favorite? Han Solo’s heavy blaster pistol. Built on a Mauser broomhandle, the pistol is one of the most iconic weapons of today (even though it never existed). A close second is the stormtrooper blaster rifle, which despite being touted as solid weapon system, seems to never find its mark when deployed in the Empire’s “most feared” forces.


    Nathan S

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