New SecureIt Gun Cabinet with CradleGrid Technology


    SecureIt Tactical, Inc. announced the introduction of a new gun cabinet that uses the company’s CradleGrid technology. The new cabinet is called the Model 52-KD.

    This cabinet is a locking box that is designed specifically for six long guns both with and without mounted optics. The CradleGrid system combines a series U-shaped “cradles” that snap into a grid mounted at the rear of the cabinet. These cradles separate the guns from one another and offer enough offset from the rear of the cabinet that large scopes do not bang or rest against the cabinet walls. The CradleGrid system was developed in conjunction with the US Army Special Forces and can also be had from the company independent of this gun cabinet.

    The Model 52-KD uses 14 gauge steel and is designed to bolt to both the floor and walls. It uses a push button electronic lock. According to the company, optional accessories allow the owner to modify the interior to also store handguns and other smaller items. The cabinet is 52″ tall and can store rifles up to 50″ in overall length. The suggested retail price of this gun cabinet is $599.


    I should note that this cabinet is not a safe, but rather a locking box that offers resistance to theft. Actually, most gun “safes” aren’t true safes either, but all offer increased resistance to theft and burglary. I highly recommend that all gun owners use some type of locking storage device to reduce the possibility of theft.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is