Belt-Fed BLISS – MAC Plays with M249S Semi-Auto SAW

    The much-hyped M249S (S for “Semi-Automatic”) is finally starting to make it out to the wild after being the showpiece for many a tradeshow. One of the first to get one in their hands is Copper Customs, Military Arms Channel’s sister company, which means that a YouTube video was inevitable.

    While very similar to its fully-automatic progenitor, the M249S is fairly different. First and foremost, it fires from a closed bolt, using an interesting striker assembly. This leads to some different disassembly requirements including the need to keep the bolt to the rear if “hot swapping” a barrel–which really should not be needed as the weapon is semi-only.

    The weapon includes about 200 links and a plastic drum, which is easily loaded by hand. No linker is needed (but may speed up the loading process). The top cover features a picatinny rail and the weapon has standard iron sights.

    The M249S stock does look identical to the standard version, meaning M4 compatible buffer tubes and adjustable stocks will soon be common. This also means that the various bump-fire stock manufacturers will also not have to completely reverse engineer a solution.

    Thus, true bump-saws are only a matter of time. And for that, I am thankful.

    Those interested in picking one up themselves will need to find about $8,000.

    Nathan S

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