Heavily-Armed Hybrid: Milrem’s UGV with ST Kinetic’s ADDER in action at EUROSATORY

    Image source: Business Wire

    Image source: Business Wire

    Milrem, an Estonian defense company, has recently come out with a hybrid diesel-electric drive UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) called the THeMIS.  For their armed versions, they have partnered with ST Kinetics, and are utilizing ST Kinetics’ highly-capable ADDER remote weapon station complete with CIS50 machine gun.  The CIS-50 has dual gas pistons and a dual-feed system to quickly switch between types of ammunition, and the ADDER is an excellent remote weapon system that incorporates auto-stabilization, tracking, thermal imaging and advanced sensors.  The ADDER can also accommodate an M240 7.62mm machine gun or the CIS-40 AGL with air-bursting munitions.  It is unclear at this time whether or not the THeMIS can handle the dual-weapon version of the ADDER, though it does have a maximum payload of 750kg.


    Combined with a suspended track system, a top speed of 50km/h and an eight-hour runtime as well as options to be remotely operated or autonomous, the whole package looks to be a potent force multiplier on the battlefield.  No doubt the Estonian Defense industry is keeping a close eye on the UGV capabilities being developed in Russia at this time, including the Uran-9 controlled by their autonomous combat system dubbed “Unicum”.  We certainly live in interesting times.

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