New Birchwood Casey Targets (Like Splatter? You’ll Love These.)

    Target practice isn’t just fun, it’s a vital part of honing your marksmanship skills. Of course, target practice is a lot more interesting when the targets are more than plain white sheets of paper. Enter Birchwood Casey, the company whose Shoot-N-C targets make the classic bulls-eye style significantly more interesting. Now they’re adding targets to their Dirty Bird lineup: three new targets for 2016.

    The newest Dirty Bird splattering target additions are the Multi-Bulls-Eye, IPSC Bad Guy, and Blue/Orange Silhouette. When your bullet hits the mark the paper’s color is changed to a bright contrasting shade. These are non-adhesive and made from tag board. If you enjoy taking notes about your range time or simply want to write down the date, gun, and ammo, there is sufficient room in the margins.

    The Multi-Bulls-Eye measures 12″x18″ and is made of six bulls-eyes. The IPSC Bad Guy¬†is also 12″x18″. That particular target¬†features a Birchwood Casey Bad Guy outline in the background and the standard IPSC target in the foreground. When your shots hit the mark in the target’s vital area they appear with an orange ring. Shots landing outside the vital area will appear in white. Each of these 12″x18″ styles is sold as an eight-pack with an MSRP of $12.70.


    As for the new Blue/Orange Silhouette Dirty Bird target, it’s a bit larger than the others at 16.5″x24″. All shots appear in white on this target regardless of placement on orange or blue. These targets can be purchased as a three-pack with an MSRP of $12.70.

    If you’re one of the many shooters who prefers colorful feedback rather than plain holes in paper, odds are good you’ll enjoy this type of target. The great thing about the larger Blue/Orange Silhouette target is that you have more space to work with which allows for a wider variety of drills, faster target acquisition, and a less intimidating visual for new shooters. Birchwood Casey manufactures a wide variety of paper and steel targets. Take a look at their website at

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