Leapers Upgrades UTG Compact Grip Light

    Leapers light

    Leapers Inc. announced the company upgraded the UTG Compact Grip Light to offer more power and increased efficiency. This is a weapon light designed for use on AR-15 and similar rifles with a Picatinny type accessory rail.

    Leapers states the Compact Grip Light has an upgraded LED that ups the light output to 400 lumens with a reflector that provides a fixed flood pattern. The company does not offer any additional measurements for the light output such as beam distance or peak beam intensity.

    The upgraded light weighs six ounces and is run by a pair of CR123a batteries. Leapers includes a pair of Panasonic batteries with the weapon light which are said to run the light for more than three hours. Leapers states that the light’s “circuit board was modernized to reduce battery drain…”

    Unfortunately, Leapers does not advise if the testing of the light adhered to the FL-1 standard. While the standard is not perfect, it would at least provide a base line of performance using a known testing standard.

    The Compact Grip Light carries a suggested retail price of $57.97.

    This past winter, the company upgraded its larger Grip Light to 400 lumens as well. The larger light is longer and weighs twice as much. However, it claims a similar run time of more than three hours and also has a QD lever locking mount.

    Richard Johnson

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