Suppressor Spotlight: Thompson Machine

    In business since 1991, Thompson Machine has been a silent mainstay of the the suppressor community, producing quality cans at affordable prices. Today, their entire product line is composed of monocore silencers – the internal baffle structure is composed of a one-piece lattice-like structure instead of individual cones. In addition, every one of Thompson Machine’s can be disassembled for cleaning, which wasn’t always the industry norm.


    Thompson Machine Operative. Credit: MAC Tactical

    “When we first started making take-apart rimfire suppressors, other manufacturers were asking ‘why are you doing that?’,” said Brooks from Thompson Machine. “After a while, it seemed like everyone was making serviceable .22 long rifle suppressors. Then when we started making serviceable pistol suppressors, everyone was asking ‘why are you doing that?'” Brooks believes that in a few years, many manufacturers will be following their lead making serviceable centerfire rifle suppressors as well.

    Thompson Machine has an impressive lineup of products, ranging from the adorably short Poseidon 9mm boosterless pistol silencer, to the SG-2 submachine gun can, all the way up to the 30Ti, a centerfire rifle suppressor.


    Thompson Machine Wasp

    In the rimfire line, Thompson Machine’s best seller is the Isis22. An unfortunate name for current events, but Brooks and company have no intention of rebranding the suppressor. “The way we see it, we were here first. We aren’t going to back down.”

    Also in the rimfire arena, Thompson machine has a solid line of integrally suppressed rifles and pistols, covering the standard Ruger 10/22 platform to a unique CZ 455. All of which are beautifully finished in Cerakote that matches their hardwood and laminate stocks.


    Thompson Machine CZB


    Thompson Machine Operative

    Thompson Machine Operative



    Thompson Machine Operative S



    Thompson Machine SG-2

    Although the SG-2 is deceivingly small in diameter, the large internal volume makes it a great submachine gun suppressor. A host of attachment options make it a popular choice among UZI and MAC fans.


    Thompson Machine 16



    Thompson Machine Zephr


    Thompson Machine 30Ti


    Thompson Machine is transitioning to a new manufacturing facility with more space and better capabilities. I bet we see a few new models sometime after the move.

    Great customer services. Monocore. User-serviceable. Affordable. Thompson Machine should be on your short list when selecting your next suppressor.

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