S&T Motiv Shows Off K2C1 Improved Daewoo Rifle at KDECIF 2016

    S&T Motiv, the successor to Korean defense company Daewoo Precision Industries, was showing off a new variant of their K2 rifle that equips the Republic of Korea Armed Forces, alongside the M16A1 which remains in use with second-line units. The new rifle is called the K2C1, and features a new quad accessory rail replacing the previous plastic handguard, full-length 1913 Picatinny optics rail, and AR-15-style six position collapsing butt, which also folds. The new rifle will come in two variants, short and long barreled, with 305mm (12″) and 465mm (18.3″) barrels.


    The new K2A1, long-barreled variant. Image source: milidom.net


    The spec sheet of the rifle reads:


    Caliber: 5.56x45mm

    Ammunition: K100/K101/M193/M196/M855/SS109

    Weight (w/o magazine): 3.68 kg

    Operating System: Gas Operated

    Length:         K2C1 | K2C1 (short barrel)

    Overall:  1,014 mm | 854 mm

    Retracted: 940 mm | 780 mm

    Folded:     730 mm | 570 mm

    Barrel Rifling

    Number of Grooves: 6

    Twist of Rifling: Right Hand

    Pitch of Rifling: 185.4 mm (7.3″)

    Muzzle velocity: 960 m/s (M193), 920 m/s (K100)

    Rate of Fire: 700 ~ 900 rds/min

    Effective Range: 500 m (K100)

    Modes of Fire: Semi, Auto, Burst (3rds)

    Magazine Capacity: 20 rds, 30 rds



    Image source: milidom.net



    Image source: milidom.net



    Image source: milidom.net


    Previously, a variant of the K2 had been shown with a new rail and handguard, but the new K2C1 is distinct; gone is the integral rear sight mount, in favor of rail-mounted BUIS. The K2C1 can also mount a grenade launcher just by removing the lower handguard, unlike the K2, which required complete removal of the handguard.

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