New Tikka unveiled: T3x TAC A1

    Article updated with SAKO Press Release and more pictures below. Thanks Nathaniel F. 

    It could all be a practical joke, as there is no official information. But with the success of Ruger Precision Rifle and similar designs, it is not hard to understand more companies willing to design hunting and precision rifles with modern design. And the pictures does look real.

    SAKO Tikka is part of the Beretta S.p.A. Group, so there are financial muscles around.

    According to FinnAccuracy, Tikka want a share of the cake and are planning to release a T3x TAC A1 version.

    There is very little information available, but the design is similar to the Ruger Precision Rifle 2.0, with modular, changeable hang guard, compensator, magazine (I personally hope for AR-10/15 style), pistol grip and adjustable stock.

    According to Finnaccuracy: “Rumours say that 6.5CM is coming- and price will be reasonable. It’s also Tikka T3 so accuracy and barrel quality does not need to be explained..”

    I think a lot of shooter in the Nordic countries would also like it to be available in 6,5×55 Swedish.

    I’m sure there will be more modular designs, for barrel changes, like the SAKO TRG M10 soon as well. But for a lot less money than the M10.


    The Canadian Rangers are said to be using a Tikka T3 CTR in .308 Win.

    What do you think of the design? Real? Fake?


    UPDATE – The rumor was real.

    Press release:

    Sako brings to market a special development for law enforcement sniper application. Light sniper rifle Tikka T3X TAC A1 is believed to become a new benchmark in the weapon industry. It is developed to meet the rapidly changing operational requirements of military and law enforcement community.
    Sako developed the first model of Tikka T3 Tactical rifle series for French Police and Gendarmerie already back in 2004. Since then this light sniper weapon system has been adopted by several military and law enforcement units around the world.
    Tikka T3X TAC A1 is based on Sako´s famous Tikka T3 bolt action construction, but made to meet the new increasingly challenging requirements of long range tactical shooting. The must-haves of the new weapon were developed based on the comprehensive field tests and the feedback received from relevant operators with different background. As a result the new rifle is at the same time ideally multifunctional, though light in weight, compact and rugged.
    Tikka T3X TAC A1 is fully modular and therefore fulfills all operational requirements. The aluminum chassis stock system is compatible with most common type AR fore-ends, pistol grips and rear stocks. It offers a foldable rear stock with quick adjustable cheek piece and adjustable length of pull. The muzzle is threaded for attaching muzzle brakes and / or suppressors.
    Compatibility of the chassis stock system with all old Tikka T3 Tactical rifles enables to upgrade the old sniper systems to the level required today.”


    However – one dealer I spoke to today said that according to SAKO it would take possibly 2 years before it will be on sale for civilians.


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