MORE CENTURY AK’s! American-Made Limited Edition Announced

    Century Arms, has been hard at work with their all-American AK weapons. While the RAS-47 has been praised and bemoaned, its one of the first truly American versions of the ubiqutous Russian platform.

    Basically, the new “limited edition” is largely the same rifle that has been produced to date, just adding in a “lustrous, high-quality walnut wood furniture.” For those who have watched the 5000-round torture test by AKOperatorsUnion, this will be a welcome change, as the base stock did not fare well into testing, showing fatigue and cracking early (though remedied with duct-tape).

    Other features will continue to stay the same including Century Arms’ RAK-1 enhanced trigger group, a larger t-shaped magazine catch, compatibility with standard AKM furniture, and a 4150 nitrided barrel. A PMAG remains the included magazine.

    The “Limited Edition” will be offered at no additional cost, or at least the same MSRP as the standard rifles. The RAS will continue to be available in their standard configurations (which seem to keep multiplying):

    1.  RAS47 Wood Rifle that sports an attractive blonde maple stock ($699.99 MSRP)
    2. RAS47 Magpul MOE Rifle with a Magpul MOE AK stock, pistol grip and handguard ($749.99 MSRP)
    3. RAS47 Magpul Zuhkov with Magpul’s Zhukov-S stock, MOE AK pistol grip and Zhukov handguard ($899.99 MSRP).
    Nathan S

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