“Its SIMPLE” – Chiappa Rhino Revolver Internals

    Not content making videos full of common sense on a variety of topics, TheYankeeMarshall is expanding to slightly technical content, if only to dispel the myth that the Chiappa Rhino series of revolvers are technically more complex that “standard” pattern revolvers.

    Comparing a Smith & Wesson to the Chiappa, TYM does a bang-up job showcasing that the operation of the Rhino is almost no different than the former revolver. Generally speaking, most components in the traditional pattern handgun have a corollary in the Chiappa with a few features standing out on the Chiappa including a better design for the cyllinder stop.

    Outside the fundemental function of the two, I was surprised to see that the hammer to the Rhino was set so far into the frame. I am sure I am like many, being fooled that the spur at the top of the frame is just a pivot point for linkage which connects to the actual hammer inside the handgun.

    However, not being an expert on revolvers, the sheer similarity of the names across the internal components caused me to get lost quickly. I had to watch the video a few times to follow all the terms that TYM used to explain the function of the handguns.

    If anything, it gives me full appreciation for older gunsmiths who not just understand, but actively work on these centuries-old marvels…

    Nathan S

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