New Gear from Tac Shield


    Tac Shield announced a series of new products the company is now offering for sale. I highlight a few of these below:

    Direct to Rail Attach Bipods

    This is a rifle bipod that is able to directly attach to a Picatinny rail instead of needing an adaptor. Tac Shield built the bipod with a quick detach lever for easy mounting and unmounting.

    The bipod is available in two heights. The first is the shorter of the two and offers a range of 6″ to 9″. The second bipod is taller with a range of 9″ to 13″. The bipod feet have ribbed grip caps to improve friction on a variety of surfaces.

    The suggested retail price of the shorter bipod is $79.99. The taller of the two is slightly more expensive at $84.99.

    MultiCam Options


    Tac Shield added the MultiCam camo pattern as an option on its Speed Load Rifle Magazine Pouches and its Gear Storage Pouches.

    Speed Load Rifle Magazine Pouches are made of 1000 Denier Nylon with reinforcement at stress points. Tac Shield uses black grommet drain holes and elastic cords. Gear Storage Pouches also use 1000 Denier Nylon and the same drain holes. These pouches use #10 heavy duty industrial zippers.

    Cleaning Kits


    Tac Shield is also now selling universal shotgun and rifle cleaning kits. These kits include brass rods, pull through cables and appropriate brushes and mops. Each kit lists for $25.99.

    Richard Johnson

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