SHIPPING: Low Vis Battle Belt

    High Threat Concealment announced the company is now shipping its Low Vis Battle Belt. This padded waist belt is covered with PALS webbing to attach all sorts of gear including a pistol holster, magazine pouches and more. According to the company, this belt “weighs less, rides closer and packs neater than conventional battle belts.”

    I expect that the majority of these belts will be sold to weekend operators who like to go to attend “high speed, low drag” boutique firearms schools for the experience rather than the education. And for that, I wish HTC every commercial success. There is a lot of money in that market to tap into.

    However, that does not mean that the Low Vis Battle Belt doesn’t have a useful purpose. I imagine it can be very useful to a specific niche of folks who get paid to carry arms.

    For example, a contractor providing security overseas may be able to make good use of this belt – especially when circumstances preclude the use of a plate carrier where some gear might otherwise be carried. Likewise, I could see these having a role in some kinds of undercover law enforcement duties – such as the cover team on certain intelligence gathering details.

    An argument can also be made for having such a belt by the bedside in case your home is invaded and you have ample warning to wake up and don the belt.

    According to the company, these are made to order and carry a price of $105. The buyer has a choice in colors: coyote tan or black. Optional underbelts, holsters, magazine carriers, IFAKs and more are also available from HTC.

    HTC is the same company that developed a CCW rig for the Troy PDW.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is