BarrelCool, A COOL Way To Cool Your Barrel

    What could make a chamber flag cooler? By adding a small fan to it to blow ambient air down inside your barrel to cool it down. BarrelCool is exactly what it says. It cools your barrel while having the functionality of a chamber flag. This is that sort of device where you say “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

    The BarrelCool chamber flag runs on three CR123 batteries and can run for 7-10 hours constantly.


    The BarrelCool works in bolt action as well as AR type weapons.

    Why would a shooter need this? According to BarrelCool some ranges require the use of a chamber flag during a cease fire. Some shooters will use this down time to cool their barrels using different methods such as running water on the barrel or pulling patches through the barrel. However some ranges do not like shooters to even be near a firearm let alone touch one during a cease fire. Usually because someone is down range changing or fixing a target.  With the BarrelCool chamber flag, you just insert it and turn it on then walk away.

    The BarrelCool is only $34.99 on their website. Go to to check out more information.

    Nicholas C

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