LEAKED: Kalashnikov Concern’s New RPK-400 Dual-Feed 5.45mm SAW

    An image of a mysterious new Russian machine gun was leaked to the public recently, during a visit to the Kalashnikov factory by Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. The weapon is an intriguing dual-feed magazine/belt loading gun that features distinctly un-AK-like underbarrel gas tube, as well as integral top and bottom Picatinny-type rails. Little is known about the weapon besides its name which is reportedly “RPK-400” (Ручной пулемёт Калашникова -400, or “Handheld Kalashnikov Machine Gun 400”) EDIT: That is apparently the name of the modernized RPK-74 that is on the far left in the image


    The new machine gun, reportedly named “RPK-400”, is shown second from the left in this lineup. Note the belt-in-box resting beside it, sporting a mounting bracket clearly designed to fit inside an AK-spec magazine well.


    It is evident, however, that the weapon is designed to conform to the Russian Army’s MVD’s (thanks Tritro) “Tokar-2” dual-feed 5.45x39mm squad automatic weapon program to replace the RPK-74. Whereas the Americans seem inclined to move away from dual-feed weapons like the Minimi, or at least towards more magazine fed support weapons, the Russians appear to be embracing the concept in earnest.

    If the Kalashnikov RPK-400 enters the Tokar-2 competition, it can be expected to face off against Degtyarev’s “Kord-5.45” weapon made to the same requirements. Regardless, both weapons will accompany the Kalashnikov AK-12 as part of the new Russian Federation’s “Ratnik” infantry system EDIT: so far as I know the MVD is not involved in “Ratnik”.


    Thanks to Retiv and Max for their help identifying this rifle!

    Nathaniel F

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