ThermaReal: Family of Realistic Thermal Targets

    Reshet Graf - ThermaReal

    Reshet Graf announced it would show a new line of realistic thermal targets at the Eurosatory 2016 conference later this month. The new line of targets, called ThermaReal, provide photo realistic targets in normal lighting and a realistic contrast target when using thermal optics.

    The targets are completely passive meaning they do not require a power source to create the contrast when using a thermal optic. According to Reshet Graf, the targets are suitable for use in all kinds of weather and are reparable and reusable with patches that handle both hot and cold zones.

    In addition to the photo realistic targets show above, the company also offers bullseye and silhouette style targets that work with thermal gear. Silhouette targets include both people and vehicles – from a T-72 tank to a Toyota truck “technical.”

    “We developed this family of targets in response to the needs of our customers for targets that closely simulate the battlefield – and enable them to conduct training that is as realistic as possible in order to effectively prepare fighters for battle,” said Albert Ohayon, the CEO of Reshet Graf.

    With more and more companies jumping into the thermal market, and with more consumer products geared toward the niche, I wouldn’t be surprised to see targets like these marketed to the shooting public in the near future.

    Eurosatory 2016 is a military and security trade show that will start on June 17. The show happens every two years, and I look forward to seeing what new weapons might be shown there this year.

    Richard Johnson

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