Gun Review posted up five great examples of marksmanship. Click here to read their article.
    The first shot was by a police sniper. According to the narrator, this shot was over 50 yards and the sniper shot the handgun out of the hand of the suspect. Is it just me or does this not seem that amazing? Bolt guns are known to shoot sub MOA all day long. And when you shoot as much as a police sniper, you know your gun and how it groups at varying distances. Heck I know how my CZ Scorpion Evo 3 hits at 7, 15, 25 and 50 yards. It does not group as well as a bolt gun but I know its capability and application for those distances.

    The second amazing shot was performed by retired Marine SSgt. Steve Reichert. He replicates the reputable Carlos Hathcocks shot where he shoots through the lens of the NVA snipers scope to kill the enemy. Steve uses the M40A1 sniper rifle.


    Jerry MIculek made the cut with his 1,000 yard shot using his 9mm revolver.

    S&W 929 JM
    Vortex Razor Red Dot Sight
    Hornady XTP

    This is an impressive shot. I get excited hitting steel at 200 yards with a .22LR bolt gun. But shooting a revolver out to 1,000 yards just seems extraordinary.


    The Hill Country Rifles world record is another amazing shot. 4,210 yards is nothing to scoff at.


    No list can be complete without the amazing Bob Munden. I want to see if I could split a playing card now. Probably not. His speed with the SA revolver is inhuman.

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