POTD: Where SCARs Go To Die

    Found this photo posted with no context. It is speculated that these are demilled SCARs used by the military. You can see SCAR17 20 rd magazines and barrels with bottom rails. In the photo you can also make out AAC SCAR suppressors. There are a bunch of FNH ECP Flash Hiders. Those go for about $80 online and are somewhat hard to find as the only come on SBR barrel assemblies from FN. They are not a normal item that one can buy as an accessory from FN America.. What a shame. They could have made some money by neutering them if they were select fire then sell them off like in the CMP program or raffle them off like those M24 Sniper Rifles that Remington sold. A shame really. I suppose that is wishful thinking as the SCAR upper receiver is the registered firearm so they would not be able to be sold to private citizens if they were select fire. I died a little inside seeing this photo.