A Father and His 5 Year Old Son Wyatt: Firearm Training For The Future

    Vantac International has posted up some videos of a father and son doing some indoor training. Looks like rudimentary room clearing.


    The video just shows the son using some sort of Nerf like toy gun.  The father has been teaching his son proper firearm handling as well since the son was two years old.

    In this video they work on drawing from a holster and reloading basics.


    In this video, Wyatt who is 5 years old, shows how to properly unload three different firearms. No live ammunition was used in this video.


    Here Wyatt demonstrates proficiency with an airsoft pistol.

    At 5 years of age my son Wyatt is training with his first Airsoft pistol. Only the gun is new. He has been taught the fundamentals of gun handling, marksmanship and safety for more than 2 years. His training started with toy guns, to airsoft training weapon systems and has graduated to his first actual pistol. I have owned firearms for 40 years and have carried them in my career and trained other personnel in the US and abroad for 30 years.


    Here is a short video of Wyatt being instructed to use a handgun.

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