The REVOLUTIONRY Taiwanese Drop-in Trigger T86 Patents

    A patent attorney from Taiwan was kind enough to locate the patent for the T86 rifle’s drop-in trigger. If you missed my previous post about the T86, a revolutionary rifle that featured the first AR-15-style drop-in trigger as well as an innovative gas system, read more about it here. Read more about the Mossberg Lawsuit here.

    t86 rifle trigger

    According to the patent documents, the T86 Drop-in Trigger was designed by a Mr. DE­-HUA LI who was working for the 205th Armory of Combined Service Forces. The 205th is the Taiwanese military armory where most, if not all, Taiwanese government small arms research takes place.

    t86 trigger patent1 t86 trigger patent 2

    The revolutionary aspect of the trigger is that it was a drop-in trigger designed to make it easier for the rifle to be serviced. The actual trigger mechanism itself closely resembles a select-fire M16 trigger group. There is the M16-style semi-auto disconnector, the burst-disconnector, the burst rachet and the auto sear. The selector is the only “pin” that holds the trigger in place. It looks very similar to a M16 selector.

    The full patent documents can be seen below …

      Taiwanese T86 Rifle-Taiwan Patent-TW409847-Published on 2000 Oct 21

      TW409847-Translated by Google Translate

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