Modernized JGSDF Type 89

    Last year, we posted an image of the JGSDF Howa Type 89 Rifle. In that post, we had mentioned a mythical modernized version that appeared to be an Airsoft version made by Tokyo Marui. Well these pictures do not appear to be airsoft.

    Below is a photo of a typical Howa Type 89 Rifle.


    You can see a modified Type 89 rifle below. It is using a Remington ACR stock and has a rail system on the handguard.



    Take a look at the soldier on the left. He has what appears to be a Land Warrior like HUD system on his helmet.


    In the photo posted at the top, you can see the JGSDF soldiers have what I assume to be fold out screens for their OICW like optic system.



    Below are some images my friend Kris K from Korea found. However neither of us read Japanese. He said the image uploader credits these to Howa Industries. At first glance it looks like an FNH SCAR.

    13267912_1110607125678202_8557180606210972599_n 13335558_1110607115678203_8570209421756223854_n 13335979_1110607119011536_8782197041217986587_n

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