MAC Plays with the New SIG MPX Collapsible Arm Brace By SB Tactical

    In either a stroke of clairvoyance or lunacy, the ATF arbitrarily decided one in the favor of gun owners with the new approved arm braces by SB Tactical. Of note, the new braces are attached to collapseable rails to create a multi-functional arm “braces” which are legal for any civilian in the United States to attach to a “pistol”. As Tim points out, pistols have advantageous legal characteristics such as not having to apply to cross state lines.

    Taking advantage of the ATF’s approval and their inclusion of easily adjustable rails, Sig Sauer is one of the first-to-market with their new arm brace. Modeled directly after their actual SBR/rilfe stock, the arm brace is arguably a bit too small for its “intended purpose.” Like its sibling products, the brace is mounted to the arm of the user via a velcro strap.

    Compared to the side folding apparatus, the MP5-style rail “brace system” adds about 2″ to the minimum collapsed length. The rail-style brace/stock system has two positions, with the longest a still short length of pull. Unfortunately, the rails do not deploy on a single press of the locking mechanism. To fully deploy, the button must be pressed twice. For those focusing on speed, the side-folder will deploy faster.

    Nathan S

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